OTSea protects defi traders from excessive market volatility while offering a simplified peer-to-peer trading experience.
Trade trustlessly.
Avoid the charts and avoid liquidity pools by trading directly with other sea creatures.
Maximize returns.
Avoid losses incurred by trading into low liquidity pools by bypassing liquidity pools altogether.
Save the little guys.
Based whales and dolphins trade on OTSea instead of dumping on their fellow fishes.
Sell tokens quietly, privately.
Exit your position quietly by selling to a trusted fish.
...or to many fishes.
Crowdfund your bag by selling to many smaller holders at once.
Trade any ERC20 Token on Ethereum.
You can always trade any token on OTSea regardless of liquidity conditions.
Earn passive income.
$OTSEA holders enjoy 75% of platform revenue distributed as dividends.
Connect with other sea creatures.
Explore OTSea.
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