OTSea Mini-Markets

Embed a Mini-Market OTC exchange directly on your website or Telegram! Your mini-market is custom tailored to your project, showing only orders for your token.

Step 1.

Choose network and token address:

Step 2.
Share on Telegram

Share the following link with anyone on Telegram. Enjoy your mini-market!

Share on your website

Select your preferred markup language and simply copy the following code and paste it into any page on your website. Enjoy your mini-market!

1 2 3 4 5 6 <iframe style={{ borderRadius: 24 }} width={350} height={540} allow="ethereum" allowTransparency="true" src="https://otsea.io/mini-market?network=mainnet&tokenAddress=0x5dA151B95657e788076D04d56234Bd93e409CB09&transparent=true" />